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Welcome to TavernWiki!

Have you ever desired to find a place where you can create virtually any character from any background, time, or even universe? Where these characters can interact with equally diverse characters and become something other than what they could have been within the confines of their universe?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to basically live in a bar that is ever changing and with more hidden than even Sherlock Holmes himself could uncover in a lifetime of research?


You have finally found such a place! The Foxtail Tavern is an ever-changing bar that is situated in a small downtown area with easy access to many differing areas, whether it be a large forest, a small suburban neighborhood, a booming city, or even somewhere who no one can hear you scream.


General Rules and Guidelines

(as well as some things to get you started)

Accessing the Tavern

The FurIRC Network can be reached by using any IRC-capable client and pointing it to ( on port 6667 or port 6668 for SSL. The primary channel found there is #FoxtailTavern. Alternatively, for your convenience, a Java client is provided here.

Tavern Recaps

Recent RP events are noted in weekly recaps provided to let you keep up with what is going on. All such recaps can be found in the Archives. Below are links to the four most recent weeks of events.


Now in Limited Beta Release, FoxBot has decided that it behooves us organics to record our thoughts through the Tavern Journals Project. Because how else would anyone know what was going on in our lives? If you're interested, drop Mazzo a line in the room or by E-mail;